your-mywonderwall asked:
what do you think of marina and the diamonds? im excited to see what gif you'll give :P x


You ask, I answer with Gaga gifs ;)

I gotta say that Gaga looks extremely beautiful as a Brunette! 
Monsters need to know your opinion: What ya think?

This is my Fav part! :D what’s yours?

brandonggarcia1 asked:
Why is your blog so perfect? Like seriously... ps if you can, followback?

but thanks!!! ….and yes I will …

copious-amounts-of-alcohol asked:
Como estas :)

y tu?!

artchet asked:
follow me back? :P


 sure! :)

Any asks? I love to answer with Gaga gifs ;)

excuzeyou asked:
Hey! congrats ;D helen liked one of my drawings once too, so i know how amazing it feels! :3

Hi!! Thanks, I know! And congrats too! It feels great that someone like her likes my stuff :p

Gaga got a new tattoo! but help me monsters! what does it mean?

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