"Only This Bitch" Said Tara Savelo in LM.com… Wait… by bitch she means Gaga or Fozzibear??¡ lol! oh and she looks amazing!

OhEmGee!!! What a beautiful picture! I love them!!!! Gaga just uploaded this photo to LM.com *.* 
This is love!!!

This is my Sketch Submission in LittleMonsters.com. If you want click here and like it! :)

ladyprincesssunshine asked:
What is your favourite Gaga Gif? :)

Love Gagas Quotes! she’s so inspiring!

flowersfromashes-deactivated201 asked:
Hi! Just followed your blog and I really love it!

Thanks for following!!!! and BTW:

Answer with a ♥: I wanna know, How many Little Monsters want a kiss from this mouth?

Y U NO ASK? don't you guys miss me? cause I miss you already! remember I'll answer with Gaga gifs!!

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