this animation is so COOL!


Anonymous asked:
I know you said you're str8....but would you date gaga?

…. But if Gaga comes to me and says: “Hi sweetie, wanna have a date?…” I might accept!!!

But I´m always playing around with my friends and telling them that I’m only bi for Gaga, no one else!….

Dear followers, need your help….

I’m writing cuz I need all the help that I can get from you guys! I know that you’re not from my country and that some of you might don’t know a Sh*t of Spanish! But, I really need to ask a favor! I applied for a drawing contest of Samsung, and I had to make a draw in 5 minutes of a place of my country, so I drew a special monument of my city which is very historical. Anyways! What I really need from you guys is to open this link and vote for my drawing so I can win a Samsung Galaxy Note! I really want this phone because It’s very useful for me as a soon Graphic Designer! It’s also hard for me to have a phone like this one, so please help me and vote! You can daily vote for my drawing and I will appreciate that you take your time! please Reblog and tell your followers! I still need more votes!!!

Here’s an image, it’s like a guide to help you how to vote! THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3 and I’m so sorry for bothering!!

Click here for the link and start voting!

*Vomiting rainbows* OhEmGee!

I love that tail!

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Another Terry Richardson shot! Amazing!!

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